Camping in Zion National Park:


Longing for outdoors in Zion National Park? This guide covers the best time to camp, how to arrive, what to pack, the best campgrounds and then some!

With mind boggling sees, more than 90 miles of trails, and campgrounds for each taste, Zion is over and over recorded as perhaps the best spot to camp in Utah.

Outdoors in Zion National Park: Everything You Need to Know

The Best Time to Camp in Zion National Park

Temperatures in Zion National Park are reliably warm, even through the winter, and a significant number of the destinations are open all year subsequently. Simply note that there are no shower or clothing offices at the campgrounds inside the recreation center, so make certain to prepare to represent this.

While Zion National Park is open for outdoors lasting through the year, the most prominent time to visit is from April through October, when transport transports are running and every one of the offices are open. All things considered, summer isn’t just crest season in Zion, it’s additionally the most sizzling season.

To beat the groups and summer heat, I suggest outdoors in Zion in either late-winter or pre-winter – despite everything you’ll see every one of the destinations, yet you’ll have a superior possibility at grabbing an outdoors spot and be much increasingly agreeable simultaneously.

Instructions to Get to Zion National Park

Zion National Park is situated in southwest Utah, around 3 hours from Las Vegas and 5 hours from Salt Lake City. While there are carries inside the recreation center itself, the most straightforward approach to get to the recreation center is via vehicle or RV, so in case you’re flying into the zone, I exceptionally recommend you lease a few wheels at the air terminal. All things considered, remember that the passageways to the recreation center get exceptionally occupied in the mid year, so give yourself some additional time.

To get into the recreation center itself, note that Zion has two fundamental passageways — the south passage and east entrance — both available from Route 9.

Best Spots to Camp in Zion National Park

Regardless of whether you’ll be exploring the great outdoors in a tent or RV, there is a Zion National Park campground for you.

Magma Point Campground

Magma Point Campground is a first-come, first-serve site that is far away from the groups. 90 minutes drive from the South Entrance, Lava Point is a crude campground and is free therefore. You’ll discover pit toilets and refuse jars here, however no water or different comforts. Certainly stock up on nourishment and water before you set up for business.

To discover Lava Point Campground from Virgin, Utah, take Kolob Terrace Road for 25 miles and watch for the signs. Note that RV’s must be under 19 feet long to be permitted on this street and that the campground is just open regularly – from June through October.

Guardian Campground

On the off chance that you need to make a few companions, have huge amounts of civilities, and be in the focal point of all the Zion activity, at that point Watchman Campground is the spot to be. Not exclusively are there 63 RV locales, 66 tent destinations, 6 gathering campgrounds, and a guests focus, there is a close by transport stop to get around the recreation center, astonishing perspectives on the encompassing mountains, and wheelchair open destinations. Campgrounds incorporate enhancements, for example, electrical hookups, flush toilets, fire pits, drinking water, and a dump station.

Be that as it may, Watchman is presumably the most famous campground in Zion so make certain to reserve your spot early. The campground is open all year, and in case you’re visiting from March through November, you can reserve a spot as long as a half year ahead of time.

South Campground

Right not far off from Watchman, about a half-mile from the south entrance, South Campground is another famous spot where to camp in Zion. Each site here is enormous and accompanies fire grates, outdoor tables, and drinking water get to. You can reserve a spot for campgrounds here as long as about fourteen days before your entry date.

South Campground is open from late February through late November, and destinations are first-come, first serve. In spite of the fact that there aren’t any hookups or washrooms here, there is a dump station and consumable water.

Boondocks Camping

In case you’re hoping to make tracks in an opposite direction from the groups and camp without anyone else, at that point heading into the Zion National Park boondocks is the best approach. There are a couple of extraordinary trails to camp on, including the West Rim Trail (which has 9 campgrounds), Orderville Canyon (a Canyoneering hotspot), and Deertrap Mountain.

Best Spots to Camp Near Zion National Park

Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort

Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort is found simply outside the south access to the recreation center and has some incredible perspectives. The campground is both RV and tent-accommodating, is inside strolling separation of the recreation center’s guest focus, and gives showers, fire rings, grills, and a pool. Furthermore, the encompassing zone has incredible eateries and the staff here is entirely learned about activities.

Zion River Resort RV Park and Campground

Found ideal next to the Virgin River, Zion River Resort is a mainstream outdoors spot with well-looked after grounds, stopping cushions, and fire pits. This site makes a special effort, with bathrooms, showers, Wi-Fi, pools, tent destinations, pull-through locales, and full hookups accessible.

The campground is found right in the town of Virgin and is only a short ways from the recreation center, yet in addition gives a bus administration into Zion for a charge.

Hello there Road Campground

Hello there Road Campground is found simply outside the east entrance and is incredible on the off chance that you need to climb the East Rim Trail. The site has pull-through locales, full hookups, and tent spots, however this is where you’ll presumably be increasingly agreeable simply going through for a night, rather than investing all your energy here.

Offices at this campground are essential, in spite of the fact that there is a little store over the street with certain provisions.

Zion National Park Camping Tips

Natural life

As usual, it’s ideal to keep away from untamed life at whatever point conceivable, yet there are still a few critters you ought to be watchful for. Zion National Park is home to the two scorpions and poisonous snakes, the two of which like to rest in obscure places, for example, the cleft of rocks. To keep away from both, make certain to consistently watch where you step — step over rocks and fallen logs, not over them–and make a point to shake out your boots before you put them on (scorpions love to cover up in shoes!)


Only one out of every odd campground in Zion National Park has consumable or drinkable water. Before you book, ensure you realize what the water circumstance at your campground resembles, and plan in like manner. There’s nothing more awful than coming up short on water in a spot as hot as Zion!


Zion has a lot of well-worn trails, however there are additionally some that are black out or to some degree befuddling in nature. Before you head out, snatch a guide at the guest’s middle, and watch out for trail markers.

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