Sony a7II Review: The Perfect Camera for Travel Photography!


I have experienced passionate feelings for this camera for movement photography. It’s lightweight, minimal, easy to use, and it takes extraordinary pictures. While the Sony a7II camera may not be ideal for everybody, it has the majority of the highlights I search for in a movement camera and numerous highlights that I didn’t realize I required!

The Specs

Full Frame 24.3 Megapixel Sensor

In-self-perception Stabilization: This surrenders you to a 4 stop advantage when shooting in low light. I’ve shot sharp pictures at 1/15 of a second with this camera.

5 fps (Frames Per Second) Burst Rate – This was an enormous advance up for me subsequent to utilizing the Canon 5D Mark II for a long time. Making HDR pictures is totally conceivable without a tripod.

Electronic Viewfinder: You can see the realtime impact of opening and ISO alterations and you will know precisely how your picture is going to look before you even press the screen catch. I never acknowledged how much time I squandered think about what settings to utilize, at that point checking it in the LCD after I took the shot, and recomposing. A few picture takers may think this is bamboozling and guarantee this removes all the enjoyment from photography (simply like many said when the primary advanced cameras turned out), however on the off chance that it spares personal break in the field and during post preparing, I’m supportive of it.

Tilt Screen

30% Faster Auto Focus Compared to the A7: This was one reason I didn’t purchase the first a7 when it turned out.

Dynamic Range: The Sony a7II has magnificent feature and shadow detail. I once in a while need to stack my photographs in post preparing.

Sectioning: It incorporates up to 5-shot sectioning, accessible in both Continuous and Single Bracketing modes

Sectioning with Self Timer: I would now be able to shoot different exposures when utilizing the clock — which is an absolute necessity for solo voyagers!


The cost of the Sony a7II camera is correct where it ought to be, as I would like to think. I got it new for around $1600 (body just) which is the thing that I paid for my 5D Mark II 3 years back. Contingent upon which focal point you pick, you can get the camera and a focal point for under $2,000.

It’s a venture, however well justified, despite all the trouble in the event that you are searching generally advantageous and lightest camera for movement photography. In the event that you are not prepared to spend that much on a camera, we’ve composed an inside and out survey about how to pick the best travel camera. This post will give you a superior thought regarding which camera works best for your needs.

Focal points

My main faltering about changing from a Canon DSLR to a Sony mirrorless was the restricted focal point choice offered by Sony. I began with the Sony 28-70mm unit focal point on the a7II and wound up selling the focal point inside seven days. My pictures were turning out delicate with the pack focal point, so I needed to give this camera a reasonable shot by exploring different avenues regarding probably the best focal points accessible.

Indeed, you can utilize focal points from different producers — like Canon and Nikon — yet there are downsides to doing as such. With Nikon focal points, you can just utilize manual core interest. With Canon focal points, you can utilize auto center, yet the AF is moderate and won’t function admirably for activity shots. Despite the fact that I was stricken with my Canon 16-35mm F2.8, I would prefer not to mess around with moderate auto center and conceivably miss a rare shot.

I went through hours perusing surveys and obtained the Sony 16-35 F4 and Sony 70-200mm F4 to supplant my Canon 16-35mm F2.8 and Canon 70-300mm. Fortunately, the Sony a7II produces stunning photographs at high ISO settings, so I can live without a F2.8 focal point until further notice.


I wish I could give a top to bottom audit of the video includes in the Sony a7II on the grounds that the video highlights are one of the fundamental reasons many individuals purchase this camera. Nonetheless, I don’t shoot a great deal of video, so this audit depends basically on the still photograph abilities of this camera.


A couple of things to remember before you purchase the Sony a7II camera. None of these cons are major issues for me by and by.

Battery Life – (I convey 3 batteries now and will likely buy a couple more for those more extended days in the field.)

It Doesn’t Claim to Be Weather Sealed – Even however it doesn’t guarantee this, I’ve taken my Sony a7ii in outrageous conditions throughout the years and have never had an issue. It’s been in beneath solidifying conditions in Canada (while it was snowing), sandy windstorms, and so on. I do suggest getting your camera protected, if conceivable, only for some significant serenity.

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