The Best Time to Visit Hawaii


The best time to visit Hawaii relies upon what you intend to see. This guide incorporates top attractions for each season and tips on the least expensive time to fly there!

While Hawaii might be a warm, tropical desert spring all year, choosing when to visit isn’t in every case simple. Each season carries with it novel climate examples and exercises, and the travel industry varies enormously consistently.

Winter will in general be a mainstream time to visit, with numerous northerners getting away from their frigid substances for tropical climes. Spring and fall are commonly quiet occasions to visit, with settlement costs winding up most moderate and it’s generally the least expensive time to travel to Hawaii — despite the fact that you can frequently discover flight bargains all year. Summer is when Hawaii is at its hottest, so on the off chance that you adore the warmth and dampness, a mid year get-away is for you!

See underneath to find out about the best seasons to see Hawaii’s most prevalent locales!

Visiting Hawaii in the Winter

A well known season for visiting Hawaii, Winter holds the warm climate found consistently, yet with on and off the travel industry periods. The occasion and February break weeks are constantly occupied, so in the event that you plan on visiting during those occasions, book well ahead of time as housing will in general top off quick.

Climate shrewd, Winter carries with it an expanded possibility of day by day rains and considerably more dominant waves, particularly on the north shores of the islands. Swimming may not generally be sheltered, so make sure to look at conditions before heading.

Things to See in Hawaii During Winter


From generally November through May you can locate the yearly Hawaiian Humpback whale movement! Particularly predominant around Kauai or Maui, somewhere in the range of 10,000 and 15,000 Humpback whales land in Hawaii, so make certain to book yourself on a whale watching visit.

Surf Competitions

The surfing swells are at their top in the winter, so while the seas might be unreasonably perilous for swimming or swimming, they’re ideal for getting a wave! The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing rivalry on Oahu’s north shore occurs among November and December of consistently and is one of the biggest surfing rivalries on the planet.

Honolulu Marathon

The fourth biggest long distance race in the United States, the Honolulu long distance race is 26.2 miles long and happens each December. Visiting during the long distance race is incredible in case you’re a sprinter, yet regardless of whether you’re not, it’s justified, despite all the trouble for the fun and celebrations.

Hawaiian Christmas Festivities

Christmas is a really supernatural time to visit Hawaii, with Hawaiian-esque designs, Hawaiian Santas, and Sandpeople (as opposed to snowmen), on full show. Probably the best Christmas destinations incorporate the Honolulu City Lights shows, Kauai’s Festival of Lights in Lihue, and Lahaina’s lit up banyan tree.

Visiting Hawaii in the Spring

Spring is maybe my preferred time to visit Hawaii – the sea is quiet, the exchange winds subside, and the travel industry encounters a respite, making the experience tranquil and serene. May is a particularly pleasant time to visit, as blossoms will be in full sprout.

Things to See in Hawaii During Spring

Skiing and Snowboarding

A torpid fountain of liquid magma on the Big Island, Mauna Kea is the place to go on the off chance that you need to see snow in Hawaii. The degrees of snow differ all year, however on the off chance that you need to hit the inclines while visiting, late-winter or pre-spring is most likely your most logical option.

Simply remember that there are no hotels or seat lifts on Mauna Kea, so you’ll require a rock solid vehicle, yet the snowboarding here is eminent.

Merrie Monarch Festival

In the event that you see a spike in settlement costs on the Big Island during Spring, it’s presumably a direct result of the Merrie Monarch Festival. A yearly festival starting Easter Sunday in Hilo, the celebration is prestigious for respecting conventional Hawaiian culture and its kin. During this time, you’ll discover hula rivalries, exhibitions, displays, and the Merrie Monarch Royal Parade.

Kamehameha Day

June eleventh is an open occasion in Hawaii that respects Kamehameha the Great, the ruler who is notable for joining the Kingdom of Hawaii route in 1810. Consistently, botanical motorcades are held all through the state, and frequently highlight walking groups, hanging functions, buoys, and square parties.

Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast, loaded with Hawaiian history and extraordinary perspectives, is really is a lovely site to see all year in any case, for the best involvement, I prescribe visiting in Spring. There are a couple of approaches to see the coast, most eminently by water, air, or foot, however regardless of what way you need to see it, the excursion is best done outside of the stormy season.

Visiting in Spring will mean more secure climbing and less shot of getting captured in a tempest.

Visiting Hawaii in the Summer

Summer is the most prevalent season to visit Hawaii. Children are out of school, the climate is at its most sizzling, and, thus, the costs are at their most elevated. In the event that you do anticipate visiting Hawaii in the late spring, certainly book far ahead of time and be set up to compensation more for generally benefits.

Remember that in light of the fact that the state is at its most sizzling, a great deal of strenuous open air exercises will make them chug water – so unquestionably top off a major water bottle before you head out. Likewise, recall that mid year is additionally the beginning of storm season in Hawaii!

Things to See in Hawaii During Summer

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an unquestionable requirement while on the Big Island, yet the season you go can drastically affect your experience. The Volcano of Kilauea has been emitting since 1983, and keeping in mind that there is no best or most noticeably awful time to see magma, the climate will play a factor in your solace level.

As you get higher up the well of lava, the temperature will begin to drop – indeed, it very well may’s be somewhere in the range of 10 – 20 degrees cooler than adrift level. So on the off chance that you need to remain warm, it’s prescribed to go in summer, when the days are as of now more blazing.

Marine Life

Hawaii is one of those spots where you can snorkel and scuba jump to see the marine life all year, however on the off chance that you need the most flawlessly awesome conditions, summer is an ideal opportunity to do it. While summer brings with it the shot of hurricanes, the water temperature is hotter and the northern shore waves will in general subdue a piece.

Simply make sure to get some information about the conditions and best spots before you go!

Bon Dance

Happening on every single real island, Bon move is a conventional Buddhist people move brought to Hawaii the Japanese that is utilized to demonstrate appreciation towards the spirits of precursors. In the service, artists hover around a pinnacle while performers play customary melodies. The moving is available to everybody, paying little mind to religious convictions.


Summer is prime celebration season in Hawaii, and there are a not many that occur on the different islands.

Koloa Days on Kauai is held each July and commends the flood of various societies that went to the island during its sugar-factory estate days. The Haleiwa Arts Festival happens each July on Oahu and commends nearby specialists all things considered and levels. Duke’s OceanFest in Honolulu happens each August and is the spot to go to watch top surfers and oar guests do their thing.

Street to Hana

In the same way as other normal locales in Hawaii, the Road to Hana on Maui is lovely throughout the entire year. Notwithstanding, this is a fascination that merits arranging around the stormy season.

Summer is the ideal time to drive the rich Road to Hana as you’ll have the option to lower the windows, feel the breeze in your hair, and have an a lot more secure drive while not agonizing over the downpour.

Visiting Hawaii in the Fall

Much like spring, Fall is a tranquil time to visit Hawaii. Children are back in school, so the travel industry will in general drop off, and you’ll experience warm exchange winds and blue skies.

Simply remember that Hurricane Season keeps running until November 30th – sea tempests are unordinary, however it’s something to keep in the back of your psyche.

Things to See in Hawaii During Fall

Kona Coffee Farms

There are several espresso cultivates on the Big Island, so taking a day to investigate a couple of them is an absolute necessity. The espresso homesteads are open all year, yet November is the best time to go as it’ll harmonize with the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival.

Espresso visits will make them figure out how the beans are handled and gathered, and pretty much all the interesting flavors and techniques that are utilized in delivering the ideal mug of espresso.

Celebrations of Aloha

Celebrations of Aloha is a month-long celebration that starts in September and keeps running into October. This is a period of different social occasions occurring around the various districts, most remarkably Maui, Lanai, and Molokai. Think shows and flower marches!


Halloween in Hawaii is genuinely something extraordinary, and the yearly festival in Lahaina is one of the most marvelous of all. The celebration pulls in around 25,000 individuals every year and incorporates a children ensemble march, a grown-up outfit challenge, and unrecorded music.

Eatery Week

In the event that you’re a foodie, at that point get your butt to Wailea in November for eatery week. Consistently, top eateries in the zone give fixed-value menus enabling you to attempt an assortment of dishes at a small amount of the typical expense. In addition, a part of the cost is given to philanthropy – win, win!

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